A downloadable game for Windows

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Win in real life 1000$ worth opportunity* to reevaluate your life, because it is existential horror time!

*Gained EXP from playing the game is worth at least so much, if you can FINISH it.

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Use left mouse button to shoot and arrows to move.

Remember to collect power ups and listen the song until end. 


All The World Drops Dead by spinningmerkaba (c) copyright 2017 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share-Alike  (3.0) license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/jlbrock44/56779 


onlyOneCanSurvive.zip 17 MB


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Behind the scenes:

The idea was SO persistent (moreover, I do not like horror). This game was possible, BECAUSE it was short GameJam, game like this VERY unlikely be my main project).

This was my 1st GameJam (although I have learnt Unity 11 months) and I had a job during weekend (Fr-Sun), so I could work on the game only 16 h (instead of 25-30 h) and on the end was EXHAUSTED (late nights and early mornings took a toll). 

Still I am happy that participated and have no regret about chickening out.